Welcome Aboard Our New Scania Irizar i6

Are you looking for a fun, luxurious way to travel around the beautiful sights of Cairns? Allow us introduce you the our latest addition to our big family of luxury coaches.

Say hi to our new Scania Irizar i6

Welcome aboard our premium touring luxury coach. Its tailored layout, interior design, excellent insulation and climate control are thoughtfully provided to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Let our new Scania Irizar i6 pamper you with unparalleled touring experience as you visit the top attractions of Cairns and other regions of Australia. Whether you’re travelling with your special someone or with your family, or on a business trip, the Scania Irizar i6 is guaranteed to take you to your destination in comfort and style.

Unmatched comfort

The Scania Irizar i6 boasts a sleek, modern and comfortable interior intended to give passengers a feeling of hominess. The reclining executive leather seats are extremely comfy with plenty of legroom for the average passenger.

Then there’s the automatic flush toilet that’s conveniently located near the centre door. It’s equipped with sensors which triggers soap or water automatically when your hand is nearby.

High-end features

Our new Scania Irizar i6 is a luxury coach ideal for private hire, school trips, holiday trips or airport and cruise transfers. This luxury coach owes its comfortable ride to its superb engineering, ergonomic seats and lavish furnishing.

With a total length of 12.5 metres, the bus can comfortably accommodate 53 passengers. Its electronic brake system, Scania Opticruise, lane departure warning, Scania disc brakes, Scania retarder and emergency brake help to ensure everyone’s safety.

Other important features include independent suspension and front rigid axle to provide maximum stability and comfort. Its powerful yet quiet 7-litre 310 HP engine guarantees a smooth restful travel throughout your journey.

Smooth ride throughout your journey

The Scania Irizar i6 is a high-end luxury coach designed to provide superb manoeuvrability and maximum ability to withstand long-distance touring, while at the same time ensuring a smooth comfortable ride even in the most unpleasant road conditions.

Whether it’s hot, cold, windy or rainy season, our Scania Irizar i6 coach will provide a home away from home on your every journey.

Safety factors

The Scania Irizar i6 from the driver’s seat offers good to excellent visibility, giving the driver a clear unbroken view of both sides of the coach

The bus has a highly precise and light steering mechanism, which makes for excellent responsiveness, especially in difficult road situations. The brake system, being one of the most important safety mechanism in any vehicle, is smooth and progressive, even when you press on it suddenly.

We are your travel and business partner

Gain access to our luxury travel services to help you get to your business destination in the most economical, time-efficient and luxurious manner.

The Scania Irizar i6 luxury coach is designed to meet your needs. While every road or destination is different, our luxury coaches, especially the Scania Irizar i6, always deliver a smooth ride. Whether you’re a tourist, a business person, or simply someone who wants to explore Australia’s exotic destinations, you can tailor a custom tour in order to meet yours and your client’s itinerary and travel needs.