Tips for Choosing an Airport Shuttle

Getting to and from an airport can be a hassle. Some travelers use an airport shuttle or taxi service for the trip. Travel is stressful enough without worrying about the logistics of getting to the airport for a flight. It can be tough to choose which airport shuttle has the best price, service and reliability.

These tips will help you schedule a shuttle for the right time, ensure it picks you up promptly and that you get to the airport or your destination in plenty of time.

airport-transfer-shuttle-queenslandYour planning helps the shuttle

Booking a service well in advance helps the shuttle driver pick you up promptly. Calculate how long it takes to get from your home or destination to the airport, then add at least an hour in case there’s traffic or the shuttle’s late.

Also consider if you’ll be traveling on a holiday, during a busy time of day or through an area that usually has heavy traffic. Will the airport shuttle have to deal with bridges, construction, tolls or other possible delays? If so, allow even more time when setting your pickup time.

Investigate at least three or four transportation services. Check previous passengers’ reviews of the service, and make sure they are properly licensed to offer transportation services in your area.

Many of the services they offer are the same or similar, so you can compare them by asking about these areas of the business:

The cost – and who’s on board

When deciding on an airport shuttle company, consider the overall price.

If you choose a cab for your trip to the airport, the price for your trip will usually depend on the distance traveled, plus a pick-up fee. Many shuttle companies will offer flat destination fees, such as from the airport to the hotel.

Ask whether their rate includes transporting you and your party only, or whether there will be other clients picked up along the way.

If others will be riding with you, you’ll usually be charged per passenger. If you’re with travel companions, try to book a shuttle just for your group. You’ll most often be charged a flat rate.

The things you carry

If you or others in your party pack a lot, ask how much luggage the shuttle can handle. Some companies offer different types of vehicles, such as a luxury sedan or a larger SUV, and you want to make sure the one they send can accommodate all your bags.

Also, if you’re traveling with a pet, make sure to ask whether they’re permitted on the shuttle.

Once you find the right company for your trip, check their availability to make sure they have the date and time you need to be taken to the airport available. Reserve a place with the company that fits your needs the best.

Call before your pickup time

Even though you’ve made a reservation, call the service a few hours or the day before the shuttle is due to arrive. Double-check that the driver has your reservation, your pickup address and will be on time.

The shuttle company may have access to your flight time and information. If your driver does, ask for updates on any plane delays. Also ask if there are new obstructions on the planned route and, if so, whether the shuttle can take an alternate path.

Source: Angies List