Tea Plantation & Farm Hopping Queensland

Tea Plantation & Farm Hopping Queensland

Experience the processes involved in one of the nation’s leading tea plantations

Cairns Luxury Tours offer a wide range of adventures and locations in Northern Queensland, and that includes the Nerada Tea plantation on the Atherton Tablelands. Just 10kms outside the town of Malanda in our state’s far north, it is a must if you are a tea connoisseur or someone who simply loves a fresh cupper. Again, let the team here at Cairns Luxury Tours get you there in style and comfort. Typically, we only spend an hour or so at the plantation, as it is common to see the Nerada Tea Plantation packaged with other tour destinations in the surrounding areas, so if you are planning on seeing the sights in and around Atherton, then Cairns Luxury Tours has you covered.


The beauty of the Nerada Tea Plantation and ‘The food bowl of the North’

Winding up the Gillies Range Highway from coastal Cairns towards the Atherton Tablelands, you may notice a change in landscape. Our drivers here at Cairns Luxury Tours, in fact, will point out how the regular offerings of palm trees and cane fields will change into rich green, rolling hills, the closer we get. The humidity drops, the country roads, surrounded by lush farmlands with sheep and cattle, spread for miles, with Queensland’s highest peak, Mt Bartle Fere, majestically resting in the distance.

Welcome to a slice of tea-drinkers heaven.

Rising more than 700 meters above sea level, this stunning region of far North Queensland is one of the most fertile in Australia and naturally, perfect for growing tea. From its volcanic soils, rich in minerals, high altitudes and plenty of rainfall, it is the perfect set of conditions for growing quality, black tea. With over 1100 acres, Nerada’s lush green plantation typically harvests more than 6.6 million kilograms of green leaf per year, which makes a whopping 1.6 million kilograms of black tea.

If you’ve always wanted to discover how tea is grown and processed, or just want to witness the factory in operation (and buy as much factory-fresh tea as you wish) then Cairns Luxury Tours will get you there. From the door of your accommodation, one of our fine coaches will journey south west of Cairns, through the picturesque farmlands and green terrain, on your way to exciting tour of not only the Nerada Tea Plantation, but everything the Atherton area has to offer!

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