Sunday Market Queensland


The vibrant Port Douglas Markets are hugely popular. Find out why.


Something for everyone – at the Port Douglas Sunday Markets

Cairns Luxury Tours offer high quality coaches and tours of Port Douglas. The town of Port Douglas lies 1 hour north of Cairns, accessible via the Captain Cook Highway. This scenic coastal drive showcases some of the finest tropical beaches and rainforest that Cairns and Far North Queensland has to offer, and it is a highlight that we here at Cairns Luxury Tours will happily provide. With comfortable and high-quality interiors, to our fully functional coaches and experienced drivers, your adventures across the wonderful landscapes of Northern Queensland will be a memorable experience.

If you have had already seen the sights and done the beaches, why not tone it down a notch and explore the charms of the Sunday markets at Port Douglas? The markets are located in a grassy park, right on the waterfront overlooking the beautiful Coral Sea. Vendors come from all over the Far North to sell their products to international tourists and the warm, welcoming Port Douglas locals. You’ll find arts and crafts, jewellery, fruit and vegetables, glassware, books, coffee, boats, and more. With shady palm trees and warm, caressing ocean breezes blowing in from the ocean, it is the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Cairns Luxury Tours regularly offers tours and coach services to Port Douglas, with many planning their adventures to include the Sunday Markets.

The allure of the Markets

At Cairns Luxury Tours, we have intimate knowledge of nearly every corner of Northern Queensland. We know the land. The history. The people, and by having such an extensive knowledge, we promise your time in Port Douglas, and in particular, the offerings of the Sunday markets, will certainly satisfy your adventurous spirit. There is a carnival feel to the Port Douglas markets, be it the cheerful stallholders, eager to chinwag, the glistening blue of the ocean in the lovely background, an array of arts, innovative crafts, clothing and exotic fruits, the Port Douglas Markets are much brighter than your regular marketplace.

Some of our team here at Cairns Luxury Tours personally frequent them and thus, will be more than happy to fill you in with any queries you may have

How Luxury Cairns Tours can get you there

If you are wanting to just go for the one day to see the vibrant and colourful markets, Cairns Luxury Tours can accommodate with our smaller transportation. If you are you planning on staying for a few days and have a large group, naturally, we can get you there in one of our larger models coaches, with no hassle at all. We are totally flexible and accommodating to your needs, so if it’s just a few of you or a group of 30, we at Cairns Luxury Tours is your one-stop shop when it comes to North Queensland transportation.

If you are interested in visiting the Sunday markets at Port Douglas, feel free to give us a call. The markets are waiting!


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