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Safety and Comfort of Our Cairns Luxury Coach Charter Buses is Perfect for School Trips

School Excursions Bus CharterDo you have any scheduled school trips coming up in the near future, but can’t find suitable arrangements for transporting everyone in a comfortable manner? Look no further than school charter buses from Cairns Luxury Coaches, ideal transportation for both small or large groups across great distances.

We’re available to pick-up and drop-off students at the desired locations, with a sense of ease and security that won’t have parents fretting over the conditions of their kids.

Each of our vehicles meets standard regulations, yet goes above and beyond the average transport service to offer all of our passengers an experience unlike any they would’ve experienced.

Taking a day trip to a museum or local park? We can cater to all of your student’s needs, giving them comfortable seating, seat belts for safety precautions, and both heating and air conditioning to withstand the temperatures during any season.

Traveling for a sporting event in a different city, or perhaps for a concert or show in a far off town requires more amenities than your standard bus. Our larger school charter buses offer onboard bathrooms so there’s no need to make multiple bathroom breaks.

Furthermore, other models have reclining seats and video screens to keep the kids entertained or even give them the chance to rest a bit during their trip; again, features you won’t be finding at many other transportation services and that won’t break the school budget.

Bus Hire Cairns Coach Charter Tours in QLDPerhaps you’re taking a large group of students to camp for the summer? Our charter buses operate efficiently for any short or long-distance excursions, so the same amenities presented above would work perfectly to keep everyone healthy and happy during their trip.

Wherever the destination, no matter the number of students, Cairns Luxury Coaches offers school charter buses throughout Cairns that can adapt accordingly to any situation, for an affordable price.

Taking elementary school students to a local recital at a neighbouring school? We’ll be there to help them aboard, ready to get them safely to their intended event without any hassle or stress.

Let our school charter buses from Cairns Luxury Coaches offer you a dependable and inexpensive ride, prepared to accommodate a school budget while still offering high-quality service at every turn.

53 Seater Luxury Coach Toilette Aircon

Call us today to schedule an appointment, request a School Charter Buses & Coaches quote, or simply have a school official meet up with one of our easygoing and knowledgeable staffers to make arrangements in person.

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