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Cairns Luxury Tours can show you the many wonderful northern attractions of our great state. If it's listed as an attraction in tropical Queensland, we have it covered


Let Cairns Luxury Tours show you the magic of Queensland’s Northern attractions

As we described in the Group Tours page, Cairns Luxury Tours is in the business of bringing you the charms, the magic even, that runs through the heart of Northern Queensland. Ringed by wondrous reef, shrouded with rainforest, and surrounded by the crimson dirt of the outback, we are proud of our flexibility and commitment to tailoring unique and enjoyable North Queensland tour packages, and those same principles apply when it comes to our attraction tours. From the comfort of the coach itself and the detailed planning stage, to our drivers who really make the experience a memorable one, we will accommodate you with any attraction you wish to see that stretches across such an array of stunning landscapes.

And let us assure you, there are plenty.

North Queensland Attractions: Where to begin?

You may be feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities, so here is just some of the beautiful attractions that Northern Queensland has to offer, and how Cairns Luxury Tours can get you there. From the untouched wonders of mesmerizing waterfalls and awe-inspiring gorges, to historical and carefully preserved sites and museums, we at Cairns Luxury Tours will go out of our way to bring you, show you, and immerse you, in everything you wish to see.

Animals: Queensland is famous for some of the most beautiful and even dangerous wildlife in the world. From interactive sanctuaries (including the Kuranda Koala Gardens, Rainforestation Nature Park, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures and Port Douglas’ Wildlife Habitat) we at Cairns Luxury Tours regularly schedule bookings to these immersive locations and are more than happy to take you there. The vast and wondrous ecosystems of tropical North Queensland are diverse, with some species not found anywhere else in the world. Let’s get exploring.

Museums: Feeling like some history? Why not learn about how the lure of gold, the construction of train lines, and the extraordinary growth of both the sugar and timber industries opened the remote lands of Northern Queensland to the rest of the world. From important Indigenous culture and fascinating geology, to aviation and military history, Cairns Luxury Tours will bring you to some of the most iconic and historically fascinating locations in Northern Queensland. Get ready to be amazed.

Beaches and Reefs: The Great Barrier reef is one of the wonders of the world, but Northern Queensland is just as renowned for its amazing beaches. Mission Beach, for example, has 14km of golden sand to explore on the Cassowary Coast while closer to Cairns, Ellis Beach is a local favourite. Four Mile Beach in the town of Port Douglas is a beautiful part of the world too, with family-friendly fun and without buildings or infrastructure ruining the pristine views, while the beach at Palm Cove, dotted with palm trees (hence its name) has been named both the friendliest and cleanest beach in Queensland. We here at Cairns Luxury Tours will plan and accommodate the best we can to show you these beautiful beaches, and even provide you with sunscreen.

As you can see, Northern Queensland is a hotbed of activity and a wondrous land filled with wildlife, gorgeous beaches, and preserved history. Our tailored Queensland bus tours are widely popular, so why not get in touch with us here at Cairns Luxury Tours today and arrange one? We will bring you the world, or at least, a small but beautiful part of it, and show you everything that Northern Queensland has to offer.


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