53 Seater

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53 Seater Irizar


Project Description

Enjoy an unparalleled luxury coach experience. Sleek, fast, comfortable, safe, and luxurious, the new Scania Irizar i6 is our latest addition to our fleet of luxury and touring coaches. Pamper yourself on your next journey. Whether you’re on a business trip, on holiday or a tourist who wants to see Cairns’ or Australia’s top travel destinations. One quick glance and you’ll know the Scania Irizar i6 is no ordinary luxury coach. Its excellent design and engineering give it the stability and power it needs for long distance touring. Its external features, interior designed, thoughtful layout and excellent insulation speak volumes about the thought and meticulous care that went into its production. Long distance has never been more convenient our new Scania Irizar i6 luxury coach. Its comfy interior, automatic toilet plus all the modern amenities makes this luxury coach ideal for private hire, business trips, school trips and holiday trips. If you’re looking to hire a coach that is roomy, has a lavish interior, ergonomic seats, and superb engineering, this is it. The bus has a seating capacity of 53, with 310 horsepower engine, and runs on diesel, biodiesel and HVO. Safety features include an electronic brake system and an emergency brake assist.