Port Douglas Tours


From beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, to vibrant Sunday markets, Port Douglas should be on everyone’s to-do list


Cairns Luxury Tours will take you to Port Douglas - an absolute must when in Northern Queensland

At Cairns Luxury Tours, we continually journey between the beauty of Cairns and the charms and tourist destinations of Port Douglas. It’s one of our main and more popular routes, Cairns to Port Douglas, which allows for our guests to see the many sights in such a tropical, far northern location. Cairns Luxury Tours offer a range of transfers and coach services, depending on your group size, planned activities, and how long you are planning on staying.

When it comes to Port Douglas and what Cairns Luxury Tours can do, it really is up to you!

During the nearly 70 km scenic coastal drive from Cairns, Port Douglas has a unique, laid-back ambience, and a charming, low-rise tropical feel. From famous beaches and resorts, to being the main visitor base for the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park, Cairns Luxury Tours is your go-to when it comes to journeying to such a popular destination. We can provide with you Port Douglas bus tours and transfers, while making recommendations along the way. Again, we are knowledgeable and local, and our team here at Cairns Luxury Tours will show every side of Port Douglas imaginable.

What is there to do in Port Douglas?

  • Beautiful day trips
  • Reef adventures (including the Great Barrier Reef)
  • Sailing and water tours
  • Snorkelling
  • Nature and wildlife tours

If you feel like exploring on your own, and are simply after a transfer to Port Douglas, then we have your back. If you are wanting to book a full, interactive Port Douglas Tour, we can accommodate you as well. We here at Cairns Luxury will adapt, listen, and offer flexible packages that suit any budget, and with a professionalism that separates us from our competitors.

What better way to see what Port Douglas has to offer than organising a luxurious, efficient coach service to get you there? Cairns Luxury Tours is exactly that and we will be able to accommodate any request.

So, if you are considering exploring the many offerings of beautiful Port Douglas, feel free to contact us here at Cairns Luxury Tours today.


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