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Paronella Park, Mena Creek - Lunch & Dinner Tours QLD Australia

Come and see the rich history and the beauty of Mena Creek and Paronella Park. Half day tours available


Paronella Park – Mena Creek – Lunch and Dinner Packages

At Cairns Luxury Tours, we pride ourselves on having a wealth of local knowledge and an understanding of the history of our great state. It has seen us transcend the title of a mere transportation company and has helped nourish lasting relationships with tourists and locals, all over the world.

Not only do we offer a range of luxurious and fully-equipped coaches and tours, but we at Cairns Luxury Tours relish the opportunity of imparting some of the land’s history to everyone who ventures across the beautiful landscapes of tropical, northern Queensland.

Enter, Paronella Park and Mena Creek.

The history of Paronella Park is as intriguing as it is rich. During the 30’s, Jose Paronella – a Spanish Immigrant – decided to build a castle on a special slice of land in Australia’s Northern corner, and thus, with a creative vision of modelling his home on Spanish architecture, created what is now known, as the popular Paronella Park. At Cairns Luxury Tours, we regularly schedule half-day tours to this 5-hectare location that is situated next to the small country town of Mena Creek, as it includes playgrounds and a swimming pool near the bottom of the majestic falls. Understandably, it has been extensively refurbished in recent years by new owners, considering how the tropical climate has taken a heavy toll on the mostly concrete structures, and as such, makes for a perfect tourist destination. The park is listed on the Queensland heritage register and has received multiple tourism awards, and Cairns Luxury Tours can show you why.

Paronella Park and Mena Creek through Cairns Luxury Tours

After an hour and a half coach ride to Mina Creek, your group will witness the simplicity and the beauty of what both Paronella Park and Mena Creek have to offer. On first glance, it may just seem like a simple country town with a pub, but upon further inspection, and with a historical context, we at Cairns Luxury Tours are sure you will immensely enjoy your time at Mena Creek and Paronella Park. As part of our tour, however, we will not stop there. We will then journey to Mamu Tropical Skywalk – a place that offers its visitors an exhilarating experience and panoramic views of being high in the nearby rainforest canopy – for an hour or so. From there, and to top off such a wonderful tour, our Cairns Luxury Tour bus will drive you to a beautiful Italian buffet-style restaurant, called Rocco’s back in Paronella.

So, if you are wanting to explore the beauty of Mena Creek and the restored and telling history of Paronella Park, why not get in touch with us here at Cairns Luxury Tours today to organise a booking.


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