Mini Bus Hire & Mini Bus Rental

Cairns Mini Bus Line is your reliable transport partner

When you want dependability and security in your transportation, who do you turn to?

Calling on a taxi is very public and unreliable. Renting a car can be just as sketchy, leaving you bogged down in paperwork and fine print, should anything go wrong.

The options can look so dire that riding around on a bicycle may seem like your best option.

Until now.

With Cairns Luxury Coaches, your car service experience will make you feel that another form of transportation is not enough.

For one, our mini bus hire provides you with the ultimate in comfort and safety – not to mention luxury.

Mini bus

Try out our 13-seater luxury mini bus, perfect for small groups or family members looking to attain a little privacy during their journey on the road. The smaller vehicle is cozy and relaxing, yet not small enough to make you feel confined in a tight space.

The cloth-covered interior leaves no room for discomfort, while the tinted windows give you the ability to set your sights on the world, without the world looking back in and intruding on your space.

Our mini bus hire is upscale, catering to fine taste and provides excellent customer service. But don’t worry. This does not come with exorbitant fees.

With this in mind, why not indulge in a quality car service for your next event? You’ll have top notch service, as we give value for every dollar spent while on the road.

Then hiring a minibus through Cairns Luxury Coaches is the perfect choice for style and comfort across the city’s stunning landscapes.

Plus, when you attend an event, such as an outdoor concert or festival in the park, you wouldn’t want to worry about parking fees or excessive traffic.  The mini bus hire to get you to your destination safely and on time.  No need to get stressed on parking fees and driving through overbearing crowds.

Our team of stellar drivers are licensed and well-versed in the roadways of Cairns, understanding the ins-and-outs of the area that you may be unaware of. And they aren’t just knowledgeable, they’re friendly to boot, offering a smile and pleasant conversation along your ride to make you feel at ease in our custody.

So let Cairns Luxury Coaches help you and your guests have a grand experience.  Let a mini bus hire that gives quality services at low prices set the mood for a good day.

Contact us today for more information. To schedule a ride, give us a call, or feel free to stop by our offices.

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