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What better way to experience the tropical climate of North Queensland than to witness the power of the oldest living reptiles on earth


Queensland Crocodile Tours – Come and see the beasts of the North

At Cairns Luxury Tours, we know that when you venture to the northern part of Queensland, you want to see it all. Do it all, and what better way to immerse yourself in the culture and native wildlife than to book one of our famous crocodile tours. The saltwater crocodiles of Northern Queensland are fearsome, predatory, and huge beasts that can grow up to a frightening 7 metres in length. With powerful jaws and armoured hides, they are not only the largest living reptile on earth but are also one of the world’s most enduring species, having outlasted even the dinosaurs.

And yes, we have them right in our backyard!

The best way to get up close with one of these majestic creatures then, is to book a crocodile adventure through Cairns Luxury Tours. We currently service two popular and interactive crocodile wildlife parks, with only a short travel time for each. Let us get you there, so you can experience the wonder of these amazing reptiles.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures:

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures is only 40 minutes north of Cairns and 25 minutes south of Port Douglas, and a haven for both fresh and saltwater crocodiles. Cairns Luxury Tours regularly takes groups of eager croc-enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world to witness the power of these incredible creatures, with all types of tour group sizes available. After our coach picks you up from your accommodation, and drives through the scenic landscapes, you will journey on an intimate cruise of a lagoon in a wetland environment, and marvel at the strength and size of the oldest living reptiles on earth. But it’s not all on water. With over 2 kilometres of timber boardwalks and intriguing pathways where you can see a large variety of wildlife (including other reptiles, native fauna, insects, and tropical birds) your experience at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures will go beyond just the marvel of northern Queensland Crocodiles.

Let Cairns Luxury Tours take you there so you can see for yourself!

Snapping Tours Innisfail

Snapping Tours in Innisfail is another popular destination for seeing crocodiles in Queensland, and a spot we at Cairns Luxury Tours often journey to and accommodate. From the front door of your accommodation, to a seat on one of their picturesque boat cruises, Snapping Tours in Innisfail is a locally owned and family-operated business, offering unique explorations along the Johnstone River. They offer enjoyable and relaxing boat rides, and as well as bringing you up close and personal with the amazing crocs lurking under the water and on the neighbouring banks, will go out of their way to be educational and friendly as well. Their love for wildlife and their knowledge of the local area has seen them build their business into a fun, informative, and deeply enjoyable platform that their customers will never forget, the same way in which we here at Cairns Luxury Tours pride ourselves on doing.

Like our own tours, in fact, Snapping Tours cater for any number of people. Let us take you then into the heart of one of Northern Queensland’s most prominent banana and sugar industrial towns, so that you can experience the magic and the wonder of our state’s iconic crocodiles.

Book your very own crocodile tour today. Call Cairns Luxury Tours or drop us an email for more information.


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