Coach Tours

Coach Tours in Cairns

We at Cairns Luxury Coaches have a fleet of majestic vehicles, primed and ready  for a long journey with you and your touring group!

From small groups of tourists looking for a nice vacation along our glorious shores, to large touring companies set to show our greatest attractions, our coach tours are always prepared to create lasting memories for the whole team.

The small mini bus coaches are perfect for a quiet ambience, offering tinted windows for privacy and close quarters in a smaller vehicle that’s cozy and warm.

Plus, our stunning luxury coaches, which can seat anywhere from 20-50 people, have all the features you would expect and more. High-backed chairs with cloth-covered, reclining seats make long journeys more comfortable, and bigger models even have a bathroom.

Heating and air-conditioning units are also installed.

And, most importantly, some vehicles even have seat belts, a feature less common on many tourist buses. At Cairns Luxury Coaches, safety is our top priority.

Explore Cairns with luxury tours in Cairns

Further, whether you’re looking to hit the favorite touring hotspots to entertain the crowd, or simply want to take a few friends and family members on a specific tour, our friendly, helpful, drivers are ready to take you on an incredible journey.

With their experience and expertise on the area, they can adeptly introduce the city and its culture to you and your guests –giving you tidbits of information that will surprise and fascinate you.

They know all the charms of our great land, and are always thrilled to share some local stories of the heart and soul of Cairns to guests.

Learn all about the heritage of our exquisite landscape, including local favorites such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

We welcome all to Cairns to the excitement and joy our great city provides! So schedule a coach tour today, and share in the delightful experience you’re meant to have when traveling to our homestead.