Client Transport Charter

Impress business clients with Cairns Luxury Coaches

Here at Cairns Luxury Coaches, we understand that impeccable style and high-quality service are means to please clients.

Therefore, we dedicate our business to provide every customer the ultimate in comfort and safety with every ride.

Cairns Luxury Coaches understands that a client’s time is their most important priority. To this end, we pattern our car service–implementing ways to make your every trip comfortable, stylish and convenient.

We make sure you and your clients arrive at your destination safely, on time, and at the greatest convenience and comfort.


Do you need a premium transportation service for a client coming from out of town that is reliable and will surely impress? Tap Cairns Luxury Coaches’ assistance for highly affordable and outstanding client transport services.

We acknowledge that every individual deserves first-class accommodations. Hence, we cater to every transport and travel need your client needs.

We’re not just a general car service, but more as a concierge service bus hire company, tending to all the needs of your most important colleagues. Our private vehicles have prime amenities, including tinted windows and comfortable seats for the greatest care and privacy.

Moreover, we can easily schedule direct pick-up and drop-off to places your client needs to go, always safely and on time.

With us, you won’t leave an important client high and dry, stuck with only basic public transportation. If other clients hear that a vital client was left to hail a cab or fend for themselves, you lose existing clients and tarnish your reputation.

In line with this, you want to instill a sense of trust and dependability, forging a bond with them that will last for years.

That’s why catering to their needs is essential. Providing a superior car service like that from Cairns Luxury Coaches sends all the right signals in a professional, respectable manner.

Our staff is highly trained in this and are always ready to extend a helping hand regarding the best ways for traversing the city and pointing out need-to-know hotspots so you client can get the utmost out of their stay in the beautiful city of Cairns.

So give your client something to remember you by; equip them with first-class transportation car services from Cairns Luxury Coaches.

Give us a call anytime at the number provided, or drop by our local office.

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