Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands

Cairns Luxury Tours can take you the breathtaking Atherton Tablelands, 90 kms south west of cairns. With so much to see and do, book with us today,


Cairns Luxury Tours - Bringing you the beauty of the Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands is around 90 kilometres south-west of Cairns. There are 2 ways in which Cairns Luxury Tours can get you to the Tablelands, and it really depends on which attractions you want to see.

And let us assure you, there are plenty.

From your accommodation, one of our comfortable tour buses will journey across the Gilles Highway that takes you from the southern side of Cairns, up into the mountains. The signage is brilliant, so don’t worry about getting lost, and such a route will bring you to the beautiful sights such as Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham. The other highway that Cairns Luxury Tours can use while on our way to the Atherton Tablelands is the Kuranda Highway. We will take you from the northern end of Cairns and into the highlands past the attractions around Mareeba and through towns like Tolga, Atherton and onto Lake Tinaroo.

Again, it is totally up to you.

We here at Cairns Luxury Tours are always excited when it comes to visiting The Atherton Tablelands, purely because it's a beautiful scenic drive and the views from the road of both the rainforest and the sea are breathtaking.

If you’re ever in tropical northern Queensland, be sure to get in touch with us here at Cairns Luxury Tours, to discuss all the possibilities when venturing into the heart of Atherton.

How Cairns Luxury Tours can enhance your Atherton Tablelands experience

The Atherton Tablelands has a beautiful, temperate climate making it an ideal January to December destination, and one that we here at Cairns Luxury Tours frequently recommend. If you want to avoid the rush and the clamour of tourists, book something in the low season (which is between December and April). The climate is more comfortable and free from north Queensland’s coastal humidity, which may make it a tad easier to explore Atherton if you’re not confident when it comes to testing weather conditions. Alternatively, you can also book a tour or bus ride here at Cairns Luxury Tours during the high season (which falls from July to November), and embrace the heat and the characteristic swell of our tropical sun!

Cairns Luxury Tours is your go-to when it comes to the long list of Atherton Tablelands recommendations. There is a vast spectrum of destinations and things to do, so here are just some to get the ball rolling. You can visit Hastie Swamp, a two level bird hide that allows you to witness the majesty of thousands of birds in their natural habitat, or venture into the Crystal Caves in the Main Street of Atherton, a magical man-made cave filled with crystals and prehistoric fossils. Mt Mulligan Escarpment is also a must see, as the region hosts a number of antique and arts and craft shops, as well as vibrant art studios and interactive galleries. At Cairns Luxury Tours, we know that you can spend hours driving around exploring this fascinating region, so if you are around for a long visit, allow a few days to really embrace everything Atherton has to offer.

An ancient rainforest, volcanic lakes, waterfall circuit (including Millaa Millaa Falls), Mareeba Wetlands, national parks, and an abundance and diversity of flora and fauna, the Atherton Tablelands will not disappoint.

If you are ready to explore the Atherton Tablelands, then get in touch with us today here at Cairns Luxury Tours today!


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